Build [307] Resolved:

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 FS
06273 Missing functionality for server connection for the user
08884 Events: Incorrect event type
Feature Corrected locking when modules load
Feature Exceptions around AV signatures code are removed for diagnostics

Build [306] Resolved:

Anti-Virus 6.0
04777 ODS: Progress bar is not correct for “StartUp” object scan
09039 Crashes when working Quarantine files
09399 ODS: Delayed cure is reported as “Logical sector” and not as “File”
09851 GUI: Incorrect protection status reporting in SecurityCenter
09932 Exceptions are broken in Trusted Zone
09941 ODS, GUI: Alert “Active Threat” is not coming up again
09954 OAS: WIN98 File-Antivirus does not start
09958 GUI: From OAS a tab with new settings is missing
09965 GUI: Unloading KAV from OAS, schedulling settings are not remembered

Anti-Virus 6.0 WKS
08182 GUI bug in creating the task dialog called ‘License Key Managering’
09489 Error when entering password for proxy authentification in Updater
09944 Schedulled tasks do not run if the schedule is made from AdminKit
09948 Daily and Once in the AdminKit differ by one hour in the local GUI
09950 Console is missing At application startup setting, but it is present locally

Anti-Virus 6.0 FS
06515 Trusted Proc: Proccess with system variable is not included as trusted
07619 Report: Incorrected reason
10011 Baloons: During scanning baloons with information appear

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*EDIT* I recommend not to install this build! It has lots of bugs! Either wait for the next build, or get build 305.