Ok.. So i was tagged by my friend Manas. So here are 5 things about me:

1. Love technology and gadgets: Im the kinda guy who’d like to own the latest hardware/mobile phones, but alas my budget does not permit :p

2. Im an introvert: I get like at least 20-25 genuine emails a day (naah, not spam). And im a very busy person. The internet is my connection to the world. Im not the outgoing and mixing types 🙂 And i wont bug someone unless i really need some help from him. Live and let live 🙂
3. I dont keep people close to me: Hehe.. Its just that i dont keep anyone “that” close to me. And no one is that important for me. This is due to some past bad experiences i had with people really close to me. I have that “i dont care” attitude.

4. Love driving: Im a driving FREAK! I can drive for kilometers! I’ve driven everywhere: highways, mountains, beaches, you name it, i’ve driven there. Once went to Nainitaal from delhi in my Maruti Esteem. Was a pleasure driving in the hills!

5. My ambition: I want to take part in a rally race, and i really really wanna own a decent sports car. Lets see if my fate takes me to it!

Now my turn to tag people muaahhahaha 😀

I tag Mayank, Harsh, Ankur, Ashish and Sathya!