With Windowsultimate.com, a website dedicated to Windows Vista Ultimate, Microsoft is offering a life experience outside the box. “Welcome to the new website for Windows Vista Ultimate. This is a space where we, the people who make Windows Vista Ultimate and Ultimate Extras, can talk to you about what we’re doing”, reads Microsoft’s welcoming message.

The Redmond Company informed that it plans to introduce a high frequency rate of updates to the website and therefore has made available an RSS feed that would enable users to stay up to date with Windowsultimate.com.

Via Windowsultimate.com, Vista ultimate customers will be able to access blogs authored by various Microsoft personnel, a selection of Extras, products that will integrate seamlessly with the operating system, additional resources through a list of Links and even hardware integration. The Windowsultimate.com website went live on January 7, 2007, concomitantly with the debut of the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Windows Vista Ultimate Extras is certainly a section to keep your eyes on. Vista Ultimate users will be able to download an array of add-ons for the operating system. Microsoft has announced that it plans debut delivering Vista Ultimate add-on together with Vista’s general availability.

“Ultimate Extras won’t be available until January 30th, but you can get a sneak preview right now on the Extras page. Find out about the exciting programs and enhancements that will be available exclusively to those of you with Windows Vista Ultimate. The fine print: Ultimate Extras will not be available in all languages on January 30th. Extras will appear automatically in Windows Update as they do become available, and our team will be sure to write blog entries about the schedule when we have dates to share,” stated the Redmond Company.