My hutch connection was disconnected yesterday without prior notification on the basis of “verification”. I cannot make any outgoing calls and SMSs even though i have a balance of around 1800 Rs. Incoming calls do not show the caller ID. Now even though i have submitted the required documents (not that i didn’t submit them when i bought the connection, i did submit a photocopy of my Driver’s License!), my connection has not been activated. There are problems with the network too. Calls get dropped, network congestion. I cannot dial Hutch Care “111” from my mobile. It always shows network busy. So if i need to talk to customer care, i need to dial “9811098110” from my landline and pay for it while i listen to “you and i” for an hour!

What kind of service is this? Im am extremely dissatisfied, and would NOT recommend hutch to anyone. I myself cannot shift cause i have an OLD number, otherwise i would have shifted to another provider.

In Short: Do yourself a favour and dont buy Hutch..