Everyone who has used openSuSE 10.2 must have come across the animated boot screen. But the problem is that its not permanent. It comes sometimes, and doesnt come at other times. Im writing this tutorial for all you penguin lovers who would like to see the animated boot everytime!

1. In the terminal (from your home folder) type mkdir new
2. Type cp /boot/message new
3. Now type cd new
4. Type cpio -i < message
5. Dont close the terminal, and open the folder new in your home folder (from konqueror or nautilus) and edit “gfxboot.cfg” file in kwrite/gedit
6. Change “penguin=-1” to “penguin=100” and save the file
7. Now delete the message file in the new directory by typing rm message
8. Now type ls . | cpio -o > message
9. Now type sudo cp message /boot, enter your root password if required.

That’s it! Reboot and check.. You should have the animated boot permanently enabled!

EDIT: Please backup your original /boot/message file before trying this!