PDF documents are very familiar among the computer users especially those from the educational field. Sometimes, a large quantity of educational information is stored in this file format rather than the usual Doc or RTF document. In this case, working with Acrobat Reader has become mandatory. Being just a viewer, not an editor like Word, means that it should be easier to work with.

In my opinion, it is. However, many people do not feel too comfortable using Acrobat Reader and the pdf file format. Some complain that the loading time takes to much, other feel no confidence to work with a text document without being able to edit it and finally there are those who get confused when trying to download a pdf document using a web browser, find out that the document actually opens within the browser’s window.

What ever the pros and cons may be, we have to accept it as it is.

Do not rush to criticize Adobe’s offspring. You might regret it later! Leaving all these apart, let me catch your attention with a nice and useful feature provided by Acrobat Reader. Did you find yourself in the context of being forced to work with a large amount of information stored within pdf files? For instance, you have an exam to prepare for and all the courses are PDF stored. Want to learn faster, easier and more efficient?

I bet you do! However, reading so much text directly on the computer monitor will exhaust you and you will get your eyes red and tired. How would you memorize under these circumstances? I got the solution! Put Acrobat Reader to read to you. As the father reads to his child, the same Acrobat Reader can read the text trough the PC speakers. Learning will be more comfortable and relaxing. Just lie on your bed and listen to the “story”.

First, open the desired PDF document. Now Acrobat Reader will act similarly to a music player with commands for play, pause or stop.

To make it read the whole document, use the following keys combination: CTRL + SHIFT + B. If you are interested in just a part of a document, let us say a single page, just go to the aimed page and use CTRL + SHIFT + V.

To pause the reading you will only need to press CTRL + SHIFT + C. To resume the reading, just use the same key combination again.

Finally, to stop reading, use CTRL + SHIFT + E.

Please note that this feature is available starting with version 6 of Adobe Acrobat Reader and it is only able to read English written documents.

Hope you will find this feature useful. Happy listening! Or should I say happy learning?

Source: Softpedia