You can easily get the vanilla Pidgin 2.0 .deb (installation file for Ubuntu Feisty).

The only thing i was missing badly were the plugins! I was really used to the libnotify and autoreply plugins. Anyway, so i’ve compiled a .deb here for the Purple Plugin Pack.

Plugins in the Plugin Pack

  1. Album
  2. Auto Accept
  3. Auto-rejoin
  4. Auto Reply
  5. awaynotify
  7. Buddy Icon Tools
  8. Buddy List Options
  9. Buddy Note
  10. buddytime
  11. chronic
  12. convcolors
  13. Dice
  14. DiffTopic
  15. Magic 8 Ball
  16. Flip
  17. gRIM
  18. Group Message
  19. Hide Conversation
  20. IRC Helper
  21. Irssi Features
  22. Last Seen
  23. List Handler
  24. Marker Line
  25. My Status Box
  26. napster
  27. New Line
  28. Nick Said
  29. Offline Message
  30. Old Logger
  31. Plonkers
  32. Schedule
  33. Separate and Tab
  34. Show Offline
  35. Sim Fix
  36. Slash Exec
  37. SSL Info
  38. Stocker
  39. Switch Spell
  40. Talk Filters
  41. XMMS Remote
  42. XChat-Chats

Edit: Thanks to Karthik, we have 64 bit debs for the plugin pack too!

Edit2: Some people are shamelessly copying this article and posting it on their blogs/sites. They were even hot linking to my .deb files. So now i am using to distribute the deb files. Please do let me know if anyone faces issues with that 🙂

Edit3: Rapidshare link for 32 bit and 64 bit plugin pack added.

Edit4: Pidgin updated to v2.0.2.

Edit5: Plugin Pack updated to v2.0.0 for i386 architecture.