Windows Vista can be completely killed by pressing a simple combination of just two keys. All you need to crush Microsoft’s latest operating system and put the much-applauded Wow at an end is two fingers. This issue has been reported independently of Microsoft, and the Redmond company has failed to issue any official comment at the time of this article. The immediate question which comes to mind is if the problem is a security vulnerability or a simple bug.

Either way, you too can watch Windows Vista die in front of your eyes. To make matters
worse, the key combination is one of the most utilized keyboard shortcuts in Windows. Pressing the Windows key together with “E” will start Computer in Windows Vista. Keeping the two keys pressed will open a large volume of Computer windows. Want to crush Windows Vista? Nothing could be simpler. Just keep the two keys pressed for more than 20 – 30 seconds.

The operating system will begin to behave aberrantly and will continue to open Computer instances flooding the desktop. There is no way to restore Vista to its normal self, outside of a reboot. With Computer windows cascading on your desktop, you will soon find that Task Manager cannot be accessed. The same is valid for additional processes. You will have to restart the operating system in order to restore Vista.

“It took millions of dollars to make Windows Vista secure and stable. While I am happy that Windows Vista is so much stable than Windows XP; there is a bullet proof way to crash WindowsVista. A simple service which loops a thousand times while sending Windows Key + E can be written within ten minutes. Microsoft may have spent millions of dollars for security and stability; it takes two fingers or a simple service to crash Windows Vista down. No matter how bullet proof Windows Vista claims to be, two keys to crash the operating system is a bullet proof approach as well,” revealed the author of the crash method on TechTicles.