Tribe 5 just hit the mirrors! Get it while its hot! This release includes a lot of new features like:

  • Gnome 2.19.90
  • Graphical Configuration tool for X Server
  • A new plugin manager for Firefox, which allows to choose readily used plugins such as flash, adblock, beagle plugin etc
  • A new printing system, with a default PDF printer being installed by default

I once tried Gutsy when it was tribe 2. Lots of things didn’t work, or were buggy at that time, so i went back to feisty then. But now i’ve been using Gutsy since tribe 4 and its been as stable as feisty! So all those people who like to stay on the edge, do try it out, as its completely usable!

Download mirrors: (Ubuntu) (Kubuntu) (Edubuntu) (Xubuntu)