Hmm.. So i’ve been out of the blogging scene for quite sometime now. Mostly, i’ve been busy with work, and yeah, i’ve been spending all my free time watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, just like Nidhi 🙂 Now that i’m finished with all 10 seasons, i think ill get some time to post here 🙂

So lets see.. What all is new.. On the linux front, i’ve migrated from Ubuntu to Arch Linux, which according to me, is the BEST distro out there! I love the fact how everything “just works” and how i have the latest software all the time. The best part is that its a rolling release, meaning no more waiting for updates or adding third party repos for new stuff. I evaluated Debian and Gentoo, before moving to Arch. Debian always had some or the other problem. It wasnt just stable enough for me. And Gentoo on the other hand was too time consuming and crude. Arch is gonna stay on my PC for a long, long time! 🙂

Also, i got a new phone. The Nokia N82, which again, is an awesome phone, but since im sure you might have heard a lot about it already, ill not talk about it here 😛

Other than that, my life’s been pretty much the same.. (Yeah, i know im boring 😛 )

On the work front, im getting to work on some awesome stuff, so am pretty much satisfied there.

So that’s pretty much it! Ill try to be regular here, and post any interesting stuff that i come across 🙂