Ok, this just in! Google’s planning on an open source browser based on the WebKit engine.

Via Googlesystem blog,

Google Chrome has been built in a time when browsers no longer render mostly web pages, but full-blown web applications. That’s why browsers need to be more powerful, more stable and more secure. One of the problems of the existing browsers is that a web page can lock the browser and there’s no way to isolate that tab and close it. Google Chrome uses a new process for each tab. “We’re applying the same isolation you find in modern operating systems,” says Arnaud Weber. Each process is sandboxed to prevent malware from affecting your computer.

The new browser has a JavaScript virtual machine built by the V8 team from Denmark that generates code dynamically and has a better garbage collector.

Google Chrome’s UI is inspired by Opera: tabs are displayed above the address bar, the address bar combines previously typed URLs with search results and suggestions and there’s a homepage that includes frequently visited sites, recently closed tabs, bookmarks and searches.

Google released some information via comic sketches which can be seen here. Google is all set to become the undisputer leader of the internet!