Google conducted a workshop on their AppEngine and OpenSocial on 5th September at the Taj Palace, New Delhi. Im sorry i couldn’t blog about it earlier, to let all the Delhi readers know 😛 I myself was an unconfirmed guest at this event, but the people from Google were friendly enough to confirm my seat once i reached there 🙂

The event started with Rajdeep, Anash and Seshu going into the depths of the OpenSocial API and what it stands for. Anirudh, on the other hand, took us for a deep dive on the AppEngine. Their presentations covered everything from introduction to even code snippets. We also had presentations from Google’s partners for OpenSocial: Impetus and Satyam. They gave an insight on what they are doing with OpenSocial. I’m afraid, i still haven’t received any of the presentations from any of the presenters, although with a quick search on SlideShare, i was able to find some similar presentations. I’m embedding two of them here:


As far as my views go, OpenSocial is a great initiative by the OpenSocial foundation, comprising of Google, Yahoo, MySpace, Flixter and hi5. Its really gaining momentum, with more and more people adopting and coding for it. The AppEngine on the other hand is at a very nascent stage at the moment. The only language it supports right now is python, and also has a lot of restrictions (which can be found in the presentation above). But then again, Google is offering a LOT for free with the AppEngine, so im no one to complain!

All in all, it was a great experience, and i would look forward to more such events 🙂