NOTE: The ROM has a new home at XDA now. No updates/support will be provided here. Please check THIS POST on XDA.

Since Voodoo for Froyo is out, here I’ve packaged Doc’s JP6 rom (full, with fixed Swype) with Voodoo and Circle Battery Mod Version D.


19th Oct 2010: Initial release with Voodoo Pre3

20th Oct 2010: Updated to accommodate Voodoo Pre4 (which contains fixes for some rooting issues, and enables logging by default). For those of you who flashed the previous version, don’t worry, the rooting issues were already fixed in the ROM. So there is no need to update. For those who still want to update, you can get Voodoo Pre4 from here, and you will have to flash it via Odin as PDA, with no PIT and re-partition un-checked.

20th Oct 2010: WOOHOO! Do I have some good news for you! Got 2e recovery working with Voodoo! Now you can use Clockworkmod with this ROM 😀 New users follow the instructions as usual. Old users who are upgrading from any previous version have to do some extra steps as they don’t have the 2e recovery:

a) Take proper backup of your apps etc with Titanium Backup.

b) Disable Voodoo by creating a folder named “disable lagfix” inside the “Voodoo” folder in your internal sdcard (case matters), and then rebooting. Reboot will take time as Voodoo is disabled.

c) After the phone boots up, shutdown the phone, and flash the CFRoot Kernel by ChainFire for JP6. Download the kernel from XDA or from here. Flash the tar file as PDA with Odin (no PIT needed and don’t check re-partition).

d) After this you can download the updated ROM package from below and proceed as usual 🙂


1. Disable Voodoo if have it installed (create a folder named “disable lagfix” inside the “Voodoo” folder on your internal sdcard and reboot).

2. Make sure you’re running Eclair firmware (if you’re on Froyo, make sure you have the 2e recovery).

3. Make sure you have a backup of your /efs (not mandatory, but highly recommended).

4. This ROM will delete all your apps and data (not the stuff on the internal sdcard). So make sure you have proper backups (I recommend Titanium Backup)

Installation Steps:

1. Download the packaged ROM from here, and put it on your internal sdcard.

2. Download clockworkmod recovery from here. You need Clockworkmod, this won’t work with stock recovery.

3. Rename the clockworkmod recovery file to “” and put it on your internal sdcard.

4. Before shutting down your phone, make sure you remove the “disable lagfix” folder from the “Voodoo” folder.

5. Shutdown phone, wait for it to power down, then boot the phone into recovery mode (press volume up, keep it pressed, then press home button, keep it pressed, then press power button, keep it pressed until you see the Galaxy S screen. Release all three buttons when you see it).

6. Select “apply” (use volume rocker to move up and down, and home button to select). Clockworkmod recovery will boot now (you may have to do apply twice for Clockworkmod to show up).

7. Once in Clockworkmod, select “install zip from sdcard” (use volume rocker to move up and down and the back button to select).

8. Select “choose zip from sdcard” and then select the ROM zip package. Choose yes then.

9. The update will start (will take some 5 minutes) and during the flashing you will see some strange big characters on the screen, don’t worry, that’s normal. After the process finishes, you will be dropped back into Clockworkmod recovery. From there, choose go back, and then reboot phone.

10. The first boot will take some time as the ROM will deodex, and also Voodoo will be applied.

Things to note:

1. Voodoo kernel does not have a 2e recovery as of now. Will update the package once it does.

2. You will see a small screen corruption when booting the phone. This is a known issue with Voodoo as of now.

Any questions? Shout out in the comments 🙂