You probably already know how big a fan I am of Cloudflare. So while looking around on the Cloudflare console, when I discovered Cloudflare pages, I was overjoyed! It took me only a couple of minutes to switch hosting this blog from DigitalOcean apps to Cloudflare pages. That’s the beauty of code driven deployments πŸ™‚

I followed the very handy documentation here on the Cloudflare developer portal, and switching was a breeze! The only point to note is that by default Cloudflare uses an old version of Hugo, so your website may not compile. It’s a better idea to instead use the HUGO_VERSION environment variable and set it to the same version as what you’re using locally (you can get your local version by running hugo version).

So there you have it! This website now runs completely off of Cloudflare 😁

P.S.: If you want some details instructions on how to get started with Hugo, you can have a look at my previous blog post here.