Weechat v0.3.0 released

So lately I鈥檝e been using this awesome IRC client called Weechat! It鈥檚 minimal, yet highly configurable. It鈥檚 got me addicted to it! Weechat + Screen is the best combo! Anyway, a groundbreaking new version has been released today. And if you鈥檙e on an equally awesome distro (Arch), then you should have it ready in your repository 馃檪

September 6, 2009 路 1 min 路 57 words 路 Kalpik Nigam

Sametime (meanwhile) support in Pidgin on Arch Linux

We use IBM鈥檚 Lotus Sametime as our IM client at work. And i like to be signed in all the time even on my Arch machine at home. Pidgin does support sametime protocol, but through an external library called meanwhile. Although most popular distributions have meanwhile in their main repos, Arch does not. It has the meanwhile library in AUR. And due to this, the pidgin in Arch has meanwhile support disabled....

January 18, 2009 路 2 min 路 330 words 路 Kalpik Nigam

Kernel 2.6.28. Now with stable EXT4!

So.. A few days back, Kernel 2.6.28 was released. And amongst the many new features, the thing that attracted me most was stable EXT4 support. For those of you who dont know, EXT4 is the successor to the most widely used linux filesystem, EXT3. EXT4 boasts of being a hell lot faster than EXT3, and ofcourse with added features. Archlinux just released Kernel 2.6.28 into it鈥檚 [core] repo a few days back, and since then im in a dillema whether i should switch to EXT4, or be content with my current filesystem, JFS....

January 18, 2009 路 2 min 路 258 words 路 Kalpik Nigam

Im back!

Hmm.. So i鈥檝e been out of the blogging scene for quite sometime now. Mostly, i鈥檝e been busy with work, and yeah, i鈥檝e been spending all my free time watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, just like Nidhi 馃檪 Now that i鈥檓 finished with all 10 seasons, i think ill get some time to post here 馃檪 So lets see.. What all is new.. On the linux front, i鈥檝e migrated from Ubuntu to Arch Linux, which according to me, is the BEST distro out there!...

August 31, 2008 路 2 min 路 261 words 路 Kalpik Nigam