Hosting your Hugo website for free on Cloudflare

You probably already know how big a fan I am of Cloudflare. So while looking around on the Cloudflare console, when I discovered Cloudflare pages, I was overjoyed! It took me only a couple of minutes to switch hosting this blog from DigitalOcean apps to Cloudflare pages. That鈥檚 the beauty of code driven deployments 馃檪 I followed the very handy documentation here on the Cloudflare developer portal, and switching was a breeze!...

October 3, 2022 路 1 min 路 166 words 路 Kalpik Nigam

Hosting your Hugo website for free

As promised, here I am with a blog post about how I shifted to Hugo from Wordpress. What we鈥檒l achieve by the end of this blog post: Migrating your data out of Wordpress (optional) Installing Hugo Creating a new blank Hugo website Importing your wordpress content into your new Hugo site (optional) Committing your new website to Github Setting up a free account with DigitalOcean and linking your GitHub website repo to DigitalOcean apps to enable automated deployments Setting up a custom domain for your website on DigitalOcean Migrating your data out of Wordpress I found the easiest way to do this is to use the WordPress Jekyll Exporter plugin....

September 29, 2022 路 4 min 路 666 words 路 Kalpik Nigam

Switched to Hugo

Static site generators have picked up a lot of steam in the past few years. This much neglected blog of mine was running WordPress up until now, and even though it was good enough for me (let鈥檚 face it, I wasn鈥檛 really doing much with my blog anyway), I wanted to play around with SSGs. The ultimate trigger for me was my host telling me that I鈥檓 running out on disk space, and needed to decide if I wanted to go to the next tier of hosting with them....

September 21, 2022 路 2 min 路 273 words 路 Kalpik Nigam

Updated to WP 2.8.4

Hmm.. So I鈥檝e updated my blog to WordPress v2.8.4, in light of the recent attacks.. Have been negleting this blog a lot lately.. Let鈥檚 see if i can be regular here! To be honest, twitter killed my blog 馃槢

September 6, 2009 路 1 min 路 39 words 路 Kalpik Nigam